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Rated Top Emerging Employee Wellness Company 2022 by HR Tech Outlook

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Solve your biggest pain points with customization and personalization at the company and the employee level.

Customize and consolidate for your business needs.

From a branded home screen to seamless integration with other vendor services such as your EAP, from customized content pushes to a personalized rewards system; MyLifeWell helps you streamline your wellness offerings, reducing the time and cost associated with implementing wellness programs.

Customize and personalize for your individual needs

From customizing the largest content library across nutrition , workouts, and guided meditation to participating in fun wellness challenges , from creating a personalized calendar of 5000+ activities to staying connected with a personalized community feed; MyLifeWell helps employee meet their physical, mental, social and emotional wellness needs in one seamless platform.

Seamless Experience. Seamless Process. Seamless Support.

Employees enjoy a seamless experience by bringing all their unique health and wellness needs into one platform

Seamless Experience. Seamless Process. Seamless Support.

Employee enjoy a seamless experience by bringing all their unique health and wellness needs into one platform


Access 2000+ instructor-led classes to get you moving, from yoga to kettlebell workouts, HTTT to bare.


Over 5000+ 3D exercise videos to support all your workout goals.


Mindfulness and meditation to manage stress, calm, and empower.


Built-in nutrition tracker, barcode scanner and meal planner.


Be social, even across remote teams. Join groups of your interest to talk to group coaches and other like-minded members


Take part in custom challenges, win exciting prizes, earn loyalty points and redeem for rewards


Track your KPIs and SMART goals across the most popular wearable tech like Apple Health, Google Fit and Fitbit.


Attend live online classes with your favorite instructors and coaches.

Seamless process leading to end-to-end transformative wellness

We start by mapping out your goals and identifying employee needs and risk areas. From there, we create a personalized program, complete with custom analytics and reporting so we can continue to motivate and engage as your company grows and evolves.

Seamless support

MyLifeWell acts as an extension of your team with full admin portal management and continuous implementation support throughout the engagement period.

Get results that matter.

Enhance corporate culture for greater retention.
Improve quality of life for greater productivity.
Build healthy habits, reduce elevated health risks and decrease healthcare costs.
Increase employee wellbeing and reduce absenteeism.

“We have seen all solutions from Virgin Pulse to Sonic Boom Wellness but what MyLifeWell is providing in terms of features, capabilities and support is what is needed by today’s HR managers.”

-Amanda Shilko, HR Manager, Kids In Need of Defense(KIND)

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More reasons to love MyLifeWell

Seamless integration

Connect with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, NEO Health and stream to your SmartTV.

Secure and Compliant

Designed to safeguard and protect your company’s data and employee information.


Experts to support and motivate.

Webinars, lunch & learns, and globally-renowned personal trainers, coaches and experts to help guide your team in all areas of wellness.

Support downtime with wellness travel

Help your team rebalance and recharge with one of our wellness travel packages like spa gateways, adventure travel, and fitness retreats -all arranged by our wellness travel experts.

Create connections across location

Bring your team together and foster social connections across multiple offices and locations.

All your partners in one place

Bring all your vendors into one access point, leading to ease of access,.

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