We created MyLifeWell to provide you with the tools you need to grow and maintain your company’s wellness,
all in one place.

Our Story

We created MyLifeWell to provide you with the tools you need to grow and maintain your wellness, all in one place.


Our mission: to improve the well-being of millions of people by integrating key aspects of wellness into a personalized program.


MyLifeWell started when the company’s Founder and CEO, Gaurav Goomer, began suffering from chronic migraines and back pain caused by the burnout of a high-profile corporate job and the continued stress of daily life. He searched for solutions to help support his choices to lead a healthier lifestyle, but came up empty. There was no single place that focused on helping him improve his well-being on a holistic level.


He knew something needed to change – not just personally, but for others as well. He set out to shift perceptions that wellness is boring or difficult to achieve, or restricted to just fitness or meditation. He defines wellness as any activity that has a positive impact on your mind, body or soul.


Thus Mylifewell was born – a single comprehensive resource that integrates wellness not only across categories but also across industries to personalize and support you in all your wellness goals. It is a wellness program that is as unique as you are.
It is wellness that works for you.

The MyLifeWell Advantage

Holistic approach

Unlike most corporate wellness programs, we don’t just focus on one aspect of health and wellness. Instead, MyLifeWell joins multiple dimensions of wellness that, together, have been proven to increase employee engagement, retention, and acquisition and decrease both healthcare costs and absenteeism.
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A World of Wellness

The MyLifeWell World of Wellness extends beyond physical, mental, emotional and social wellness.

Give your employees exclusive discounts at our wellness shop, help them rebalance and recharge with our wellness travel packages, and create ongoing learning opportunities through our Virtual Lunch & Learns.
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Customized & Personalized

Branding/whitelabel customization available for your company and business goals. All onboarding comes with a dedicated account manager for onboarding, training and ongoing support.
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