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Rated Top Emerging Employee Wellness Company 2022 by HR Tech Outlook

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Total Health All-in-One Platform

Reduce stress and promote mental & emotional wellbeing.

Address the five key components of stress management: nutrition, sleep, physical exercise, mindfulness and relaxation with the MyLifeWell total health all-in-one platform.

Create a healthy culture through community building.

Create social connections and strengthen company culture with custom groups that support and motivate, engaging challenges, and perks and rewards your team will love.

Complete, integrated health and wellness.

Make it easy for your employees to lead and maintain a healthy lifestyle by bringing all their unique health and wellness needs into one platform.

Comprehensive. Affordable. Scalable.

Grow with end-to-end transformative wellness.

We start by mapping out your goals and indentifynig employee needs and risk areas. From there, we create a personalized program, complete with custom anlytics and reporting so we can continue to motivate and engage as your company grows and evolves.

Data Reporting and Tracking

Track and measure engagement and theeffectiveness across your organization with custom reporting and your own progress tracker.

Get results that matter.

Enhance corporate culture for greater retention.
Improve quality of life for greater productivity.
Decrease healthcare costs AND/FOR...
Reduce absenteeism for...

More reasons to love MyLifeWell

Experts to support and motivate.

Globally-renowned personal trainers, coaches and experts who can help guide your team in all areas of wellness.

Support downtime with wellness travel

Globally-renowned personal trainers, coaches and experts who can help guide your team in all areas of wellness.

Create connections across location

Bring your team together

All your partners in one place

Bring all your vendors into one access point, leading to ease of access,.

Seamless integration

Connect with Apple Health, Google Fit, Fitbit, NEO Health and stream to your SmartTV.

Master your wellneing

Webinars, lunch & learns, and personal coaching training available in all areas of health and wellness.

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