Bringing Comprehensive Wellness To Your Workplace

Our Services

In addition to providing an all-in-one wellness app and creating customized programs and challenges, MyLifeWell offers a variety of other services that can help your employees reduce stress and increase productivity. We can create a wellness program tailored to the needs of your business and scale it to grow with your organization.


Virtual Team Building Wellness Sessions

MyLifeWell can deliver fun-filled and power-packed health & wellness programming through its in-house series called “3M’s of Productivity: Meditation, Movement & Mindfulness”. This program is designed to equip corporate teams and employees with the tools to tackle the issues of increased stress, anxiety, work-life imbalance and lower productivity by adopting wellness practices in day-to-day lives. The program is completely flexible and provides a wealth of information focusing on mindfulness, movement, and meditation to promote overall wellbeing and help your team thrive.
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Health Evaluation & Personal Coaching

In a recent survey conducted by the mental health provider Ginger, nearly 7 in 10 employees reported that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most stressful time of their entire professional career. Now more than ever, your workplace wellness programs will help you retain your current employees as well as attract new talent. MyLifeWell will work with you to design a survey to evaluate the physical and mental well-being of each team member. Based on the survey results, MyLifeWell can assign health and wellness coaches to individuals who need personalized assistance to improve their overall well-being.
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Corporate & Leadership Retreats

Nothing promotes creativity more than getting out of the office and into nature. MyLifeWell has partnered with several wellness hotels and resorts across the country to promote corporate and leadership retreats in a safe environment. Walk among the redwoods or paddle across turquoise waters – we can create the perfect mix of activities to help your team rest, connect and innovate.
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The MyLifeWell Advantage

Holistic approach

Unlike most corporate wellness programs, we don’t just focus on one aspect of health and wellness. Instead, MyLifeWell joins multiple dimensions of wellness that, together, have been proven to increase employee engagement, retention, and acquisition and decrease both healthcare costs and absenteeism.
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A World of Wellness

The MyLifeWell World of Wellness extends beyond physical, mental, emotional and social wellness.

Give your employees exclusive discounts at our wellness shop, help them rebalance and recharge with our wellness travel packages, and create ongoing learning opportunities through our Virtual Lunch & Learns.
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Customized & Personalized

Branding/whitelabel customization available for your company and business goals. All onboarding comes with a dedicated account manager for onboarding, training and ongoing support.
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